NEWS2021.11.30 Good Morning, Yokohama in YPAM Fringe

For a year and nine months, orangcosong have been experimenting online with keeping stay home in Yokohama. But it’s time to go to town, and see what we can do in the world which coexists with the coronavirus. This year, TPAM changed its name to YPAM and will actually become a platform based in Yokohama. Yokohama is not only a big city with a diverse population, but also towns where people can see each other’s faces. YPAM Fringe will be born here… The possibility is infinity∞☆ノノ! 
We rent a space on the edge of the fringe centre and have talks almost every morning (except Monday and Thursday). It will be a semi-public place for dialogue with keeping redundancy, clutter, detours and digressions, something that has been difficult to achieve online. We’ll also invite guests who have connections to Yokohama or the fringe. It will be streamed online, but you’re welcome to get up a bit early and visit us. Let’s have a coffee together. Check out our social media for updates.

2021 Dec 1st (Wed) – 19th (Sun)
AM10:00-11:00 (except Monday and Thursday)
@YPAM Fringe Center (Yokohama, Kogane Studio)

Support: The Saison Foundation (for Chikara Fujiwara)