Hitsudankai (筆談会)

“Hitsudankai – From now/here, Silence” is a participatory performance under the particular situation. The participants can communicate by only writing on a paper in absolute silent.
There are some versions depends on the purpose and duration; Limited-time version, Free-time version, etc.


Artist:Minori Sumiyoshiyama
Dramaturg:Chikara Fujiwara


・Some of big paper (size: over A1) or a roll paper
・Colorful pens
・Space (room, park… etc.)


・Participants can communicate with each other as equals on the flat paper, and dig down their thoughts and feelings.
・Participants can communicate with deaf or stuttering people beyond some barriers.
・It can visualize the traces of the conversation.
・Waiting and listening (watching) are more important than chatting.


A) Limited-time version
Under the limited time, according to the instructions, participants try to communicate with each other.
Duration:1 – 2 hours
Ideal number of participants:6 people in each table
Post-performance talk:20-30 mins

B) Free-time version
Participants are free to join and leave anytime. Minori becomes one of the participants.
Duration:2 – 10 hours
Ideal number of participants:No limit


English enables conversations of people who have different mother tongues, but occasionally the something are spoiled by the fluency. Rather, an incomplete language environment can cause people to make dramatic moments beyond the walls. Therefore, in this “Hitsudankai”, we often don’t use English, and focus to the local language.

Feedback from the participants

“Feeling like sending a letter while a conversation.”
“As soon as I write words on the paper, it becomes just letters away from me.”
“I can clearly remember <what I left> and <what I didn’t leave) in words.”
“I can bring back something which was swallowed before it became words.”
“I was conscious of the bodies and movement of other people and myself more than usual.”

Past Works

(L=Limited-time version F=Free version)

Kyoto・F 10h
Kyoto・L 3h, performed as “Tokyo’s condition” (the instruction was written by Daisuke Kishii)

Kyoto・F 10h
Osaka・L 2h
Busan・L 2h
Shanghai・F 3.5h at People’s Park https://youtu.be/1UR7ilmQENc
Hong Kong・L 0.5h as the debrief meeting of “ENGEKI QUEST”
Taipei・L 0.5h × 30 times as one of the performance of “Island Bar”(Taipei Art Festival)
Kochi・F 7h as the feedback of an exhibition of the Museum of Art Kochi
Yangon・L 1h × 3 times

Yogyakarta・F 3h