WORKS2019.08.02 ENGEKI QUEST Season 2

“ENGEKI QUEST” crossed the sea, it was created in Manila (Philippines), Düsseldorf (Germany) and Ansan (Korea). During the residency, Chikara Fujiwara gradually became familiar with different cultures and environments with the cooperation of local people.

“The beautiful shoes in Marikina”
In Metro Manila, Marikina was once a town where there are many shoe factories. Adventurers walk around this town to find “the shoes which fit my feet”, and hear rumors of “a dead dog” buried in a riverside, sneak into mahjong house, meet ghosts who died by floods, or look for a cat with the president’s name… The performance was only in one day. The “Adventure Book” was soaked by heavy rain which came suddenly after the walking, and it was no longer readable.

Liebende in Düsseldorf
Düsseldorf is the 3rd city where many Japanese live in Europe. And those who have various origins and backgrounds are living in this city. Adventurers discover the stories hidden in various places of almost all over the city by using trains and buses. The short-stories style was adopted for the first time.

The two solitary islands in Ansan
Ansan City near Seoul is totally different on the sides, the east side is a bed town, and the west side is an immigrant district. These sides don’t mix with each other. The adventurer crosses this “invisible wall” between the east and west as they encounter the short-stories by using a bus.