WORKS2019.08.02 ENGEKI QUEST Season1

One day, from blanClass (the art space in Yokohama), Chikara received a rough request “Can you do something performative?” He was just feeling a limit about the theater in the gravity of Tokyo, seeking something more unknown and wild. Inspired by words of a man in a bar, he researched the Miura Peninsula, and conceived “ENGEKI QUEST”. Unfortunately before the first work, the man died alone. “ENGEKI QUEST” could not save him from the death.

In this first season of “ENGEKI QUEST”, Ochi Makiko joined as a dramaturg, and the projects were developed mainly in Yokohama. The Zou-no-hana Terrace was also an important experimental place. In Honmoku and Kinosaki, local people were involved in the creative process. At TPAM 2015 Takuo Miyanaga Direction, “ENGEKI QUEST” met with overseas festival directors, then it went to the overseas expansion (Season 2).