WORKS2022.06.15 Engeki Quest – Rainbow Bridges in Makhanda

You might have seen two Japanese artists exploring Makhanda for almost two months, wondering what they were up to… Well, scratch your head no longer and get ready to enjoy Engeki Quest, orangcosong’s ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ book that will guide you through the streets of Makhanda and reveal some of the invisible stories of the city. Engeki Quest is a game and a self-performed artwork at the same time, where you, the adventurer, will custom tailor your own narrative and discover new perspectives in familiar surroundings.

Written every time anew, Engeki Quest has been realised in collaboration of Rhodes University’s anthropology department. This 2022 edition is the first volume of a triptych supported by the Saison Foundation in their first endeavour on the African Continent. The adventure will continue in Dar es Salaam next year before returning to Makhanda, where local artists will contribute to the project with their own unique stories.

As part of the 2022 edition of the National Arts Festival, Makhanda, South Africa