WORKS2020.02.13 IsLand Bar (Yokohama) – Port Undersea

2020 Feb 10-12, The CAVE (Yokohama)
By Taipei Performing Arts Center (TPAC) × orangcosong
joined TPAM Fringe

TPAC is pleased to present IsLand Bar (Yokohama) – Port Undersea in 2020 TPAM Fringe, in collaboration with Asian artists. IsLand Bar is an open-source project first initiated as an experiment in ADAM* 2017 and commissioned in Taipei Arts Festival 2018 led by principal artists Scarlet Yu (Hong Kong/Germany), Chikara Fujiwara (Japan) and Lee Ming-Chen (Taiwan). Conflating cocktailing and storytelling, in IsLand Bar, each Island Host serves his/her signature cocktail with a hybrid mix of taste, smell and texture; a political concoction of island histories and realities, made by 100% oceanic shaking and swirling. Come and get drunk with us, now or never.
*ADAM: Asia Discovers Asia Meeting for Contemporary Performance

Artists (Alphabetical order)
Chang, Kang-Hua (TW) 張剛華(台湾)
Fujiwara, Chikara (JP) 藤原ちから(日本)
Huang, Ding-Yun (TW) 黃鼎云(台湾)
Ishigami, Natsuki (JP) 石神夏希(日本)
Niu, Jun-Qiang (TW) 牛俊強(台湾)
Song, Yi-Won (KR/TW) 宋怡玟(韓国/台湾)
Sumiyoshiyama, Minori (JP) 住吉山実里(日本)
Yu, Scarlet (HK/DE) 余美華(香港/ドイツ)

orangcosong (Chikara Fujiwara, Minori Sumiyoshiyama)

River Lin

Production Manager
Lin Hui Huang
Mei-Yin Chen

Taipei Performing Arts Center

photo by : Taipei Performing Arts Center