WORKS2023.05.30 Hitsudankai – From now/here, Silence

Hitsudankai From now/here, Silence

Don’t speak at all here.
Let’s enjoy the silence together writing in any languages or drawings. We don’t have to be fluent to communicate here.
Only one person can write at a time.
You can join and leave as you like at anytime.

Chikara Fujiwara and Minori Sumiyoshiyama founded orangcosong artistic collective in 2019 based on the Indonesian words orang (person) and kosong (empty). Their work, mainly carried out in Asia, is focused on the experience of performing arts in relation to other artistic disciplines. Their works are usually based on the theme of human mobility or crossing borders, and they often stay for research in a certain place for a long period, and also try to make some kind of dialogue with the audience. “Engeki Quest”, “IsLand Bar”, “Hitsudankai”, “Stay Home Labyrinth” etc.

Engeki Quest

Stay Home Labyrinth

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