“ENGEKI QUEST” is a flaneur-style walking project to explore a city. The participants wander the city alone, relying on the instructions written in the “Adventure Book”. It has been created in Yokohama, Kinosaki, Manila, Düsseldorf, Ansan, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Bangkok.

This project, which is not only a game but also an art, will bring a new perspective to the participants and try to drill holes in “invisible walls” which divide people.

Season 1 ←Click for more detail

– Keikyu Fuduki (Miura Peninsula, blanClass 2014)
– Honmoku Blues (Honmoku Art Project 2014)
– Port Fantasy (Theater-zou-no-hana 2014)
– Yokohama Twilight (TPAM Takuo Miyanaga Direction 2015)
– No Enemy in Kinosaki (Kinosaki International Art Center 2015)
– Zou-no-hana Triangle (Zou-no-hana Terrace 2016)
– Illusional rehabilitation (Yokohama City University Hospital 2016)

Season 2 ←Click for more detail

– The beautiful shoes in Marikina (Manila, KARNABAL Festival 2016)
– Liebende in Düsseldorf (FFT Nippon Performance Night 2016)
– The two solitary islands in Ansan (Ansan Street Art Festival 2017)

Season 3  ←Click for more detail

– Replay the 3 years past ENGEKI QUEST (blanClass 2017)
– Yokohama Passage (Naka Ward 2017, TPAM 2018)
– Yamawarau Kyoto (Self-product 2018)
– Tokyo Exile (Waseda University The Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum 2018)

Season 4 ←Click for more detail

– The Rainbow Masseur (Hong Kong Art Center 2018)
– No Name Cats in Thonburi (Bangkok, Low Fat Art Fes 2019)
– City Birds Adventure Book (MaD 2019)
– The Secret Treasure in Metropolis (Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo 2019)

Trailer Links :
The Beautiful Shoes in Marikina, Manila (2016)
Port Detectives and 11 stories, directed by Takayuki Fukada (2017, Only Japanese)
Locary, Bangkok (2019)

Interview Links :
Performing Arts Network Japan (2018, English/Japanese)
South China Morning Post (2018, English)
明周文化 社區探險 (2018, Only Chinese)
metroPOP (2018, Only Chinese)
澎湃新闻 艺术与社群 (2018, Only Chinese)
Souzou Toshi Yokohama (2018, Only Japanese)
News Digest in Düsseldorf (2016, Only Japanese)
Cloud (2019, Only Thai)
Daco (2019, Only Thai)
Nana Nippon (2019, Only Thai)